Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the project “Referral of and assistance for victims of human trafficking in Europe” (RAVOT-EUR). This pioneer project was implemented by Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary in close cooperation. The original content was later extended with information concerning Switzerland within the framework of the project titled “Swiss-Hungarian Transnational Cooperation on the Referral of Victims of Trafficking”.

This website is designed as resource material for social workers, legal experts, law enforcement authorities, victim support services, civil servants and other service providers active in the fight against human trafficking. The aim of both the RAVOT-EUR and the subsequent project is to map and improve the transnational referral mechanism among the participating countries, with a special focus on victims of Hungarian origin who were or are exploited in Belgium, in the Netherlands or in Switzerland. Our goal is to open new avenues for information-sharing, coordination and partnership among governmental and non-governmental actors. With this, we hope to set up an effective transnational cooperation to assist Hungarian victims and facilitate their social inclusion and reintegration, depending on whether they wish to return to Hungary or start a new life abroad. 

Using the website, the experts involved can get in touch with one another and can access information in the database. In addition, visitors can read about the phenomenon of human trafficking, the extent these countries are affected by human trafficking and find useful links and best practices as well.

We hope you will find the information provided here helpful and practical. Moreover, we expect this website to help you contribute to the global fight against trafficking in human beings.